Our company

Englova Logistics S.L.

We are a national and international road freight transport company founded in 1999 under the name of Logística Solsona S.L.

With more than 20 years of experience shipping goods throughout the European Union, we are a team of professionals, drivers and experts in traffic management who have managed to weave a solid network of national and international agents guaranteeing the success of every shipment.


We work to ensure the success of each operation for our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to collaborate with companies by providing them with tailor-made shipping solutions..
We strive to guarantee the success of each operation, putting all our technical and human resources at the service of the customer, both nationally and internationally.

We work with the most advanced computer resources and technological systems to guarantee a fast, agile and flexible response, ensuring maximum quality at all times.

A great team

The main asset of ENGLOVA LOGISTICS S.L. is, apart from our fleet of expert drivers with knowledge of routes all over Europe, our traffic department made up of a highly qualified and organized multilingual team with ample experience in the management of road freight shipping at the national and international level.


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