Commitment to the Environment

Our vision

The transport of goods plays a key role in sustainability, the respect and conservation of the environment.
For this reason, sustainability has long been a topic of discussion regarding the transport of goods, and the European Union has put forth mandatory regulations to reduce pollutant emissions by transport companies and their vehicle fleets.


At ENGLOVA LOGISTICS S.L. we are committed to the environment and to a more sustainable process of transporting goods. Therefore, we adopt measures in our entire vehicle fleet that contribute to a more sustainable economy for the environment.
Some of these measures include:

The entire vehicle fleet complies with the European Euro6 pollutant emissions standard.

We optimize each trip, avoiding inefficient transportation and trips with little or no cargo.

We adapt the size of the vehicles to the type of route.

We look for the most efficient and appropriate routes.

We reduce the speed of the routes and the waiting times for lower consumption and emission of pollutant gases.

We currently have a fully renovated fleet of trucks that offer greater energy efficiency. The new vehicles incorporate improved aerodynamics, wider wheels to reduce weight and rolling resistance.

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