Vehicles ready to transport goods

Our own fleet

We have our own fleet of vehicles and do not work with or subcontract other transport companies.

We know that the vehicle fleet is a fundamental pillar of a road freight transport company and that its optimal management makes it possible to offer better services to the customer, greater competitiveness and higher profits.


Our vehicles

The ENGLOVA LOGISTICS, S.L. 's trucks have been completely renovated. They are always inspected and equipped with the latest technology with state-of-the-art control and communication systems. This enables direct contact between the drivers and the Traffic Managers for a better follow-up and efficient management of the truck fleet at all times.
All our vehicles comply with the European Euro6 standard to limit and reduce pollutant emissions from road vehicles. In addition, the entire fleet is equipped with a GPS geolocation system that allows the vehicle to be located and in direct contact with the driver during the course of the route.

At Englova Logistics we are committed to the environment.

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