National and international shipping services

Professional Service

National and international deliveries are made in periods of 24 to 48 hours depending on the distance and destination. We guarantee 100% safety of the goods with direct pick-ups and deliveries, that is, the vehicle in which the goods are loaded is the same as the one in which they are unloaded at the destination. It’s door-to-door service, without handling or unloading in distribution warehouses.

What is transport groupage?

Shipping with consolidated cargo, LTL (Less than a Truck Load) or groupage is a type of combined transport that allows the cost of the shipment to be optimized, since customers only pay for the space their cargo takes up in the truck.

Groupage cargo can be palletized or loose. This allows greater flexibility and maneuverability of the goods and greater adaptability to changes that may be required by the customer or that may arise at the last minute, such as increasing or reducing the load.


Our service

At ENGLOVA LOGISTICS S.L. we group goods from several clients in the same shipment to save on the cost of transport nationally and internationally. Groupage transport allows you to optimize trips when the goods are going to the same or a nearby destination, even stopping several times during the trip to load and unload other goods.


We guarantee 100% safety of the goods with direct collection and delivery.

Full load services

We offer full load services for those clients who use up all the space in the vehicle when transporting their goods from one point to another.
This type of solution is very useful and most cost-effective for large quantities of single goods. Filling a truck at a single loading and delivery point allows you to optimize and reduce shipping costs.. At the same time, it makes for a more reliable system, as the ratio of incidents in terms of handling, movement of goods and delivery times is reduced.

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